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Banco Asiático de Desarrollo en Madrid (3-6 de mayo 2008)


Lunes 5 de mayo de 2008
ADB’s privatization program: Didn’t work, won’t work!—FDC

Debt watchdog claims the Bank suffers from crisis of legitimacy

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Sábado 3 de mayo de 2008
NGOs Welcome At AsDB Meeting

An Indonesian woman in her early fifties flew into this city to share a tale about «Three people and a goat». Her audience were heavyweights from the Asian Development Bank (AsDB), the Manila-based financial institution holding its 41st annual governors’ meeting in the Spanish capital from May 3 to 6.

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Viernes 25 de abril de 2008
¿Qué son los intereses del Gobierno español para acoger la reunión anual del Banco Asiático de Desarrollo en Madrid?

Material sobre las relaciones del poder político y económico del Estado español y el Banco Asiático de Desarrollo (que se reúne en Madrid del 3 al 6 de mayo de 2008) y la Anticooperación española en Asia.

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Viernes 4 de abril de 2008
Asian Development Bank Pulls Out of Controversial Coal Project in Bangladesh - NGOs call upon Barclays, UBS and Other Investors to Follow Suit

The Director of the Asian Development Bank's Private Sector Operations Department, Robert Bestani, notified the Bank's Board last week that it will no longer ask for approval of the Phulbari Coal Project in Bangladesh. The ADB's Board was slated to approve a US$ 100 m loan and US$ 200 m political risk guarantee for the project on June 3, 2008.

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Miércoles 30 de enero de 2008
Four Decades of the Asian Development Bank

By Hemantha Withanage The Asian Development Bank had its beginnings when it held its inaugural Annual Meeting in November 1966 in Tokyo. Its next Annual Meeting was then held in Manila in April 1968. In 1966, the Bank was owned by 40 regional and 16 non-regional member countries. Currently, it is owned by 48 regional and 19 non-regional ones. Its authorized capital stock of US$1.1 billion increased to US$48 billion in 1999 then to US$50 billion in 2006. Moreover, the annual budget is US$42 (...)

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